Margery Sinclair will host several events that are open to the public.
You are invited to attend any of the events listed below.
Also note that, depending on her travel schedule, she may be able to arrange a session in your city, state, or country.

Young gentlemen and ladies ages 13-18; private coaching available.
Boys and girls ages 7-12



Travel Schedule

Note that sometimes it is possible to add extra programs for new clients, and share travel expenses with the original client

October 7-10


New York, NY

April 4-28


Milwaukee WI

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Here are some etiquette tips from Margery's book, "A Year of Good Manners"
which includes the "respect series" paintings
from artist Jan Polk's "Great American Flower Collection."


Respect and Manners
are our common bonds
as civilized people.

Please see for information on
Respect Awards for children, teenagers, and adults.
This project is sponsored by artist Jan Polk.


The great challenge of etiquette...

...Is to be exposed to the bad manners of others without imitating them. It is less of a challenge to be nice to people who can do you favors.


It is impractical to give freelance ...

...etiquette lessons to everyone you see who behaves badly. "Rising above it" is the dignified response to random rudeness. Say to yourself, "I'm-never-going-to-do-that." Learn from negative examples.


A "faux pas" is a social blunder... etiquette error--literally a "false step" in French. Apologize quickly and sincerely. Over-apologizing draws attention to yourself and the incident, and looks like you don't really mean it.


Don't eat, drink, or chew gum...

...when talking on the phone. It acts like a microphone and all the chewing and swallowing sounds will be greatly amplified.


Dressing appropriately shows...

...good manners and respect. If you wear sports clothes to a funeral, or fancy clothes to a barbecue, it appears that you want to distance yourself from others.

Did Margery's book, "A Year of Good Manners" grab your attention?