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     Here are some etiquette tips from Margery's book, "A Year of Good Manners" which includes the "respect series" paintings from artist Jan Polk's  "Great American Flower Collection."
     Respect and Manners are our common bonds as civilized people. Please see for information on Respect Awards for children, teenagers, and adults. This project is sponsored by artist Jan Polk.

July, 2014

1. The greatest challenge of etiquette is to be exposed to the bad manners of others without imitating them. It is less of a challenge to be nice to people who can do you favors.

2. It is impractical to give free-lance etiquette lessons to everyone you see who behaves badly. "Rising above it" is the dignified response to random rudeness. We can learn from negative examples. Say to yourself, "I'm never going to do that." 

3. Don't eat, drink, or chew gum while talking on the telephone. It acts like a microphone, and all the chewing and swallowing sounds will be greatly amplified.

4. Business people should place their own phone calls. It is very off-putting when an assistant calls, and then tells you to hold for Mr. Much More Important Than You. If you are on the receiving end of one of those calls, you don't have to wait for more than 30 seconds. Hang up. Everyone's time is important.

5. The "9-9 Rule" means: Don't call someone before 9 a.m. or after 9 p.m. unless you are sure your call is welcome. You can call some people at midnight, and others at 5 am, but which ones? Apply the Platinum Rule, and treat others the way they want to be treated.

Good manners are good business