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     Here are some etiquette tips from Margery's book, "A Year of Good Manners" which includes the "respect series" paintings from artist Jan Polk's  "Great American Flower Collection."
     Respect and Manners are our common bonds as civilized people. Please see for information on Respect Awards for children, teenagers, and adults. This project is sponsored by artist Jan Polk.

January, 2014

1. As you learned long ago, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." But conversely, when you say nothing, people think it's because you have nothing nice to say; they infer criticism and disapproval. So speak up when you are thinking compliments.

2. A bore is someone who speaks about to the exclusion of most other subjects. There are wine bores, cat and dog bores, vintage car bores, and grandchildren bores. You will be more interesting if you show an interest in a wider range of subjects.

3. Family dinner is the time for the regular exchange of family news. If your family (the people who live in your home) does not share time together four-five times a week, you will end up living in a house full of strangers.

4. Family dinners are the best way to teach young children not to eat like animals. Educators call this "spaced repetitious learning." You teach them how to hold the silverware and contribute to the conversation. Then you gently remind them again and again and again. Eventually you have well-mannered teenagers.

5. Having family dinners seven nights a week may not be a realistic goal, but you can schedule family meals at least three times during the week and once on the weekends (at home or in restaurants). Eating together shows that family is your priority.

Good manners are good business