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     Here are some etiquette tips from Margery's book, "A Year of Good Manners" which includes the "respect series" paintings from artist Jan Polk's  "Great American Flower Collection."
     Respect and Manners are our common bonds as civilized people. Please see for information on Respect Awards for children, teenagers, and adults. This project is sponsored by artist Jan Polk.

October, 2014

1. If you don't want to drink alcohol at a party, order white soda with lime and carry it until the ice melts. Then get more ice. It's no one's business whether you are having a "real" drink or not.

2. There are many reasons not to drink alcohol: religious reasons, health reasons (alcohol doesn't mix well with some medications), you never know who just became pregnant and isn't ready to announce it, designated drivers, former alcoholics, and those who just don't care for the taste. 

3. It is customary to order a round of drinks while looking at the menu before ordering a meal. A good host offers beverages, but never insists that guests drink alcohol. It also keeps your bar bill down.

4. Holding a drink, and a plate of hors d'oeuvres, and shaking hands is quite a trick. Finish the food first, then hold the drink in your left hand. This sequence keeps your right hand dry and available for greeting newcomers.

5. Being kind and respectful to everyone is a true sign of superiority in an individual. Giving excellent service to all is the best indicator that a business is worth patronizing.

Good manners are good business