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     Here are some etiquette tips from Margery's book, "A Year of Good Manners" which includes the "respect series" paintings from artist Jan Polk's  "Great American Flower Collection."
     Respect and Manners are our common bonds as civilized people. Please see for information on Respect Awards for children, teenagers, and adults. This project is sponsored by artist Jan Polk.

June, 2015

1. Your children have been invited to a wedding only if their names are written on the inner envelope of the invitation. They are not automatically included with their parents, even if they are related to the bride and groom.

2. Do not take wedding gifts to the reception and make other people clean up after you. The groomsmen are gone and the parents are tired. Delivery to the proper address is the responsibility of the giver.

3. Do not sell drinks at your wedding reception. Charging money for liquor is inappropriate. You wouldn't sell drinks in your own home. Serve what you can afford.

4. Once you have accepted or declined an invitation, keep your word. Other than a true family emergency, the only socially acceptable reason for canceling is an invitation from the White House. They are notorious for coming at the last minute, and trump all other social occasions.

5. Respond to invitations with a definite "yes" or "no" answer as soon as possible. If you decline, the host may want to invite someone else. It's very embarrassing (for you) if the host has to call to find out if you're coming. What do hosts most want to know? How many people are coming.

Good manners are good business