About Margery Sinclair

For over 25 years, Margery Sinclair has taught etiquette for corporations, colleges and children. Fortune magazine calls her "The Social Graces Guru." Her book, "A Year of Good Manners" is now in its second printing. Since her childhood in a small Wisconsin town to her years as a fashion model in Tokyo, Paris, New York and Honolulu, Margery Sinclair's passion for etiquette has been her lifelong work. Her credo "Good Manners Are Good Business" has been her true north, speaking across the globe and visiting 118 countries.

Etiquette Programs

Two of Margery's programs, "Defining Business Casual" and "Dining with Confidence" are available on video. Margery was featured in Fortune Magazine in March, 2002, and for a year wrote a regular, syndicated column that originated in the Milwaukee edition of The Business Journal, "Good Manners/Good Business."

Professional Appearance

Margery teaches not just current fashion, but also the reasons for the rules. The language of clothes is filled with hidden meanings and assumptions.

She decodes these messages and helps you present the image that is a true reflection of your best professional self.


Originally from a small town in central Wisconsin, she attended the University of Wisconsin in Madison and then worked as a fashion and photographic model for ten years based in Tokyo, Paris, New York and Honolulu. She graduated from UW-Milwaukee in 1997 with a B.A. degree in Women's Studies.

Margery taught American Business Manners to Japanese executives while living in Tokyo. This included international standards of corporate etiquette and business attire: dressing for everything including annual board meetings and looking stylish (but not silly) on the golf course.

business worldwide

Margery Sinclair is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She presents business etiquette dinners and teaches professional appearance classes for colleges and corporations. She developed and taught the Business Etiquette curriculum at the former Milwaukee College of Business; she also taught World Geography there.

Having traveled to 118 countries, and circled the world three times, Margery teaches directly from her international experiences. Her major interests in these travels are the customs of different cultures--what is considered appropriate and why. The lessons learned from widely varying standards of expectations fuel her belief that one's cultural savvy and self-awareness dramatically influences one's effectiveness in business.